1. Tailored Services. As a mid-sized firm, we are awarded the flexibility to address the diverse needs of both large and small projects by offering options and services tailored to each client’s individual needs. TRIA has extensive experience in Master Planning, Project Design and Management, Interior Design and Construction Observation.

2. Creative Solutions. It is our goal to understand your problems and facilitate solutions. The cornerstone of our design philosophy consists of a collaborative effort put forth by our team and our client’s key stakeholders ensuring each project is a functional reflection of their vision.

3. Personal Attention. The majority of our firm’s work comes from repeat business and client referrals. We believe this demonstrates our level of service and ability to foster meaningful, professional relationships. It is our goal to exceed client expectations and find the design that best serves the needs of the community all while remaining within the established budget and timeline. 


1. Three Principles. The ancient Roman architect Vitruvius defined good architecture in the first century A.D. as that which provides Firmitas (structural strength), Utilitas (usefulness), and Venustas (beauty). These three principles are included in all great works throughout the history of architecture. One form of the Latin number three is TRIA.

2. Three Orders. In ancient Greece, the use of three orders, or styles, of columns were used on all great temples of the period. The first were the simple, strong Doric columns, then the more slender and elegant Ionic columns, and finally the incredibly ornate Corinthian columns. The Greek word for the number three is TRIA.

3. Three Partners. It is said that a team is successful when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. TRIA brings together three very talented partners that feed off each other to provide a better service to our clients. The British Order of the Bath coined the motto “tria juncta in uno” or “three joined into one”.